Day 2: Part 2 — Visit to Jerry's Orphanage

Sometimes things do work out and words cannot begin to describe the afternoon we have had. Nicolle came to get us and from the minute we met her we knew that she was a warm and loving person. Living here, running an orphanage with 27 children and with very little help. Her husband was shot and killed down here leaving her to fulfill the mission they had started together.

The ride out to the orphanage was a bit thrilling. Remember I mentioned the paved roads we were surprised to see? The pavement stops shortly after the turn off for Bernard Mevs. And then, you are back to essentially driving on a creek bed, at times with the water included! Everyone just does their thing. No rhyme or reason to traffic rules... Every which way cars coming and dodging huge pot holes.

We finally arrive at the orphanage and lay eyes on Jerry (who does not know we are coming), He is a bit shy at first, not wanting to make too much eye contact and yet not wanting us to get out of his sight.


We are almost knocked over with their version of the von Trapp Family greeting. 27 kids ranging from 5 to 18 present themselves to us, introduce themselves and then give us a hug and kiss. It goes on forever! They are crawling around us and in fact, one little boy, Watson literally jumped in to Susanne's arms. All of these kids were so free with their emotions.


We got a tour of the home which is quite large - girls on the top floor, boys down below. Twelve boys in one large bunk room. I cannot imagine what it is like trying to get this crowd to sleep at one time! And luckily, they have their own bathroom.

We eventually gathered outside and sat around the table, Jerry between Susanne and I, Nicolle across from us and a never-ending addition of children from time to time. Nicolle tells us of her plight down here. How challenging it is to care for 27 children and yet each one is so well loved and healthy looking. We will provide information about her organization and if you truly want to know that your money has made it in to hands that are needy and doing good work, this is your woman!

Jerry got easily a two-hour massage between the two of us - we couldn't keep our hands off of him. He is growing into such a sweet and handsome young man. Each time I stopped rubbing his back and asked if I was bothering him, he said "more please". He is 14-15 years old, we think, and has the energy of a kind and loving human being.


We were able to fill Nicolle in on Jerry's beginning at Bernard Mevs and how he ended up in our lives. It was really through Susanne's vigorous and endless perseverance, that Nicolle actually took Jerry.

A few of you may not be surprised to know how I reacted when Nicolle said, it was now time for the group to gather in the large living space for dance time…Now, of course you know what is coming next...

Salsa time!

Susanne has taken video of me teaching 27 kids - boys on one side (left right left), girls on the other (right left right) teaching in a language they do not understand fully but dance and music breaks all barriers! The kids really enjoyed it and guess who was the best dancer there? Jerry's got rhythm!

We ended the night with so many hugs and kisses. Lots of photos. The girls were very intrigued by us – asking if they could touch our hair, wanting to take pictures with their cameras, and video us as well.

Birthday girl Renette – 18 today, at the orphanage

The ride home was ... lets just say, there is not a God image out there we weren't in conversation with. For starters, the car engine wouldn't turn over until perhaps the 10th attempt. We were driven back by a young man who works for Nicole. We were a bit concerned to get into that car given the ride we knew we would now have to do in the dark... Should the car stall out trying to wade through 3 feet of water, we would be in a bit of a bind.... Mothers… both of you... we hear your voices in our head...and no, we wont get into another stranger's car again!

The driver was actually well-versed in the terrain. However, between his windshield being so filthy from the dust, and headlights which one would have thought had flashlight bulbs in need of replacement yesterday, the ride home was like a video game, trying to avoid the deep, dark holes, the endless stream of pedestrians wearing dark clothing on unlit streets, and the oncoming traffic. Our total score for the game was "0" as we arrived safe and sound back at Bernard Mevs — hungry and tired but feeling overwhelmed with happiness that all has worked out for Jerry.


On to Day 3...

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