Day 7 (Last day): L'Hopital Bernard Mevs‎, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Sorry that this update is a bit delayed. We couldn't write last night because we were having too much fun saying our goodbyes to the group and enjoying the local rum. I say that as a "we" but one of us enjoyed more than the other!

Our last full day in Haiti was very full and now a bit of a blur... Read More...

Day 6: L'Hopital Bernard Mevs‎, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I know there seems to be nothing but tragedy down here, so today we will focus on some of the wonderful things happening around here... Read More...

Day 5: L'Hopital Bernard Mevs‎, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Are you ready for a Multiple Choice Quiz?

62 would be the correct answer to which one of the following:
   a. The number of patients seen in wound care clinic today.
   b. The number of times you can't find what you need when you're trying to accomplish some important task.
   c. The total count of mosquito bites just below the knees between Susanne and Jennifer
   d. The number of Haitian nurses sleeping on the job.
Correct answer: c

Day 4: L'Hopital Bernard Mevs‎, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (with a little resort diversion)

We had mixed feelings about leaving the "comforts" of Bernard Mevs Hospital to drive up into the mountains to a resort. Somehow being down here in the thick of it does not lend itself to carefree luxury living at its finest...

Day 3: L'Hopital Bernard Mevs‎, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Today Bernard Mevs Hospital was in full swing. The clinics are running at full speed, which means ... Read More...

Day 2: Part 2 — Visit to Jerry's Orphanage

Sometimes things do work out and words cannot begin to describe the afternoon we have had. Nicole came to get us and from the minute we met her we knew that she was a warm and loving person. Living here, running an orphanage with 27 children and with very little help. Her husband was shot and killed down here leaving her to fulfill the mission they had started together… Read More...

Day 2: Part 1 — L'Hopital Bernard Mevs‎, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

There is so much to say about today we decided to break the day into two parts so that our readers can read Part One, then take a break, get a coffee, visit the bathroom, etc., and then resume reading with Part Two...

Day 1: L'Hopital Bernard Mevs‎, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The drive from the airport to the hospital was also noticeably better. The streets are paved and there was very little garbage alongside the road. New buildings have popped up and there is little remaining rubble and evidence that an earthquake wiped this city out several years ago… Read More...

Miami International Airport, Florida, USA

It is hard to believe that 24 hours have passed since we arrived on East Coast time. We stayed at the airport hotel and while this time, Susanne and I each had our own bed, neither one of us got much sleep. Truth be told, Jennifer took Ambien and slept for 3 hours while Susanne stayed up and watched HGTV... Read More...

2014 Haiti Medical Trip