Miami International Airport, Florida, USA

It is hard to believe that 24 hours have passed since we arrived on East Coast time. We stayed at the airport hotel and while this time, Susanne and I each had our own bed, neither one of us got much sleep. Truth be told, Jennifer took Ambien and slept for 3 hours while Susanne stayed up and watched HGTV.

We left the hotel room at 4:15 am, walked down to Terminal D (from E), shlepping 200 pounds of goods between the two of us and met up with our fellow teammates from Project Medishare. At that hour, people are not anxious to mingle and socialize, but we could already tell that we were matched with a friendly team.

Miami Airport is so familiar with Project Medishare that they barely looked at our ID's. They ignored the overweight luggage and passed us through.

On to Haiti!

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2014 Haiti Medical Trip