Last 48 hours: Part Two

Friday AM Prayer service
They sing Hatikva in Creole...????

8:00 am: Head to ward.
Baby doing OK.
Mom: no urine output, HTN, heart rate 145. Unconscious
Husband overwhelmed...No one has explained what is going on to dad.

Dealing with mom...when...
Our orthopedic surgeon, Noah, comes to get us...
3 Trauma patients arrived in “ER”:

  • Pt. 1: Eyeball out, fractured orbit, head injury, patella fracture, tibia laceration, agitated.
  • Pt. 2: Face laceration, huge tibia deep wound, probable head injury
  • Pt. 3: Open thigh wound, in shock,
Motorcycle collision, 4th person died on the scene.

All morning until 2:30 running around ER and OR. Suddenly I’m a trauma nurse!

There is so much more but I need to go back to house to pack.

I don't think I will ever be the same after this week...


Haiti Medical Trip